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At Ronald T. Ogomori, Attorney at Law, A Law Corporation, we provide a full range of litigation and dispute resolution services covering all aspects of construction law. We also advise clients on a wide range of issues that arise in construction projects from initial conception and design to the construction and post-construction phases. Our clients include owners and professionals who contribute to all aspects of the construction process, including:

  • Developers

  • Architects

  • Contractors

  • Subcontractors

  • Suppliers

  • Vendors

  • Sureties

  • Homeowners

Our legal services include providing legal advice on payment issues, mechanic’s liens, and payment disputes. We also represent clients in performance bond disputes, Miller Act, and Little Miller Act bond claims.


Legal Contracts, Design and Construction Disputes

Drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements for development, design, construction management, design-build, and construction is a major focus in our practice. This includes:

  • Contracts

  • Subcontracts

  • Change orders

  • Lien Releases

  • Indemnity agreements


We also assist clients with resolving design and construction issues, including:

  • Design errors

  • Change orders

  • Defective work

  • Differing site conditions

  • Hazardous materials

  • Archaeological sites


We are experienced in assisting clients with any and all issues that arise during construction.

A Strong Defense for Contractors

If a government entity files a legal claim, we also provide assertive defense representation for the contractor. We handle a wide spectrum of claims, including:

  • Construction defects

  • Contract disputes

  • Delayed performance

  • Disrupted performance

  • Liquidated damages

We resolve the majority of these issues out of court. However, our experienced litigators will take your case to trial if it is necessary for attaining a fair and just outcome.


Discuss Representation Regarding Contruction Litigation

At Ronald T. Ogomori, Attorney at Law, A Law Corporation, we stand ready to advise you in all types of construction disputes. Schedule an initial consultation at our Honolulu office by calling (808) 695-4240 or send us an email.

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